Our History

After years of experience installing, maintaining, and operating public works contracts within a company affiliate, EOM Operations was formalized in 2013. We are a private American family owned and operated company located in Richmond Hill, GA.

Our certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise specializes in public works management with service ranging from the smallest private entities to entire municipalities. We provide our partners with innovative and cost-effective solutions for public works management, operations, maintenance, and development.

Since our inception, EOM Operations has been committed to providing superior service to thousands of clients in pursuit of satisfying the needs of the community and promoting a secure future for its citizens. Because of our unwavering commitment, we’ve experienced zero contract cancellations and zero instances of litigation from client’s served.

We strive daily to improve our partner’s stability, reliability, and efficiency. We aim to be recognized as a vital artery in the overall promotion of community growth.

Providing public works is a vital charge to make a positive difference for the partners we service. We are proud to equip communities, businesses, and local municipalities with alternative solutions to the everyday problems being faced. To complete our mission full circle, our most rewarding role is to dive into these communities, walk in their shoes, and lend extra hands where needed.

– Melissa Hurd, President & CFO

Our Brand

At EOM Operations our VISION is to be the solution for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our MISSION is to offer a progressive, honest, and inclusive public works solution. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we develop in our people, communities, and next generation workforce.

Our Guarantee

When you choose EOM Operations as your partner, you’re guaranteed:

  • A fiscally stable service provider without compromise of community growth
  • A growing premier labor force at your fingertips with multiple cross-functional skills
  • Our promise to transition 100% of your employees without delays or wait periods
  • Our investment in your community, educational programs, and non-profit organizations

Working with EOM Operations is like walking into a dark room and the light comes on. The company has truly been like night and day in comparison to any other company I have worked for. From top to bottom, EOM Operations is like family.

Julius Scriven, Jr.
Director, Streets and Storm Water Management, EOM Operations

Our Approach

We understand that each partners needs are unique therefore we approach every client’s challenge as if it were our own. We believe a public works provider should be more than simply a solution. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their community needs. This allows us to create rich relationships with our clients.

Our Foundation


We take ownership of our ideas and run with them. With traditional education, training, continuous education, and real world experience; we are changing the way people think of public works. We create economic value for all stakeholders, share leadership vision, share our goals, and trust our people with the understanding that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves or individual jobs. We don’t wish things to happen; we empower our employees who are making them happen.


At work or at play, our passion brings out the best in us. On the job, we try to transform what is already good into something truly great. In our free time, we expand on who we are as people. Loving what we do at work and play is our life’s balance to staying happy, healthy, and effective. It is why we bring energy to each assignment and motivate those around us.


We are positive thinkers. Nothing is impossible. We channel our brainpower to solve problems every day. We embrace challenges and rarely take no for an answer. We believe there is a way around any obstacle.


To be the leading public works provider, we need to think outside the box. Innovation involves change. It is our responsibility to embrace new ways of working and improve what we do. We think big and strive for greatness.


Team spirit is important at EOM Operations. Cross-training and collaboration within allows more opportunities for ideas and business advancement. When tackling challenges set forth, our solutions are formed based off of obtaining different perspectives from our talented and successful staff. Keeping our organization lean helps us move faster and respond quickly to change. We do not believe in layers of inefficient policy and procedure, excessive decision making chains, or compartmentalizing people. We approach work with the objective of maximizing the benefit to all stakeholders.


In a world where getting ahead often means sacrificing your morals, we are leading the charge by staying steadfast in our ethical standards. There’s no advancement worth jeopardizing what we’ve built as a team. Our employees believe in being honest, open, and truthful at all times in order to be leaders in our industry.


Our safety culture is paramount. We believe that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy place of work. Additionally, we charge each employee with the responsibility to protect each other, our environment, and our communities. Our target is and will always be ZERO accidents.


Fulfilling our mission and vision requires much dedication and hard work, therefore we believe it is important not to take ourselves too seriously. We like to smile and laugh and see no reason why being at work has to change that.