Our Team

  • Melissa Hurd, LEED AP

    President and Chief Financial Officer

    Melissa L Hurd earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Binghamton University and a Master...

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  • C. Stanley Hurd

    Chief Executive Officer

    C. Stanley Hurd co-founded EOM Operations in 2014 along with Melissa L. Hurd. Mr. Hurd utilized...

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  • Kristen Achtziger, LEED AP

    LEED AP – Operations Manager

    Kristen Achtziger holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Georgia Southern University....

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  • Michael Coon

    Regional Director

    Michael Coon joins EOM Operations as the Regional Director after serving as the Senior Director...

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  • Charles Heino

    Director, Municipal Operations

    Mr. Heino specializes in environmental compliance, regulatory oversight management, and public utility...

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  • Liberto Chacon, P.E.

    Senior Civil Engineer

    Liberto Chacon, P.E., is a highly regarded Civil Engineer having served a combined 20 years as the...

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  • Daniel McFee, P.E.

    Civil Engineer

    Daniel McFee, P.E., previously served as the City Engineer for the City of Brunswick and Interim...

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  • Bree Thomas

    Director, Marketing & Business Development

    Bree Thomas possesses over 10 years extensive marketing experience in the aviation, consumer goods,...

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  • Lamar Norton

    Business Development

    Lamar Norton, who served as the fifth Executive Director of the Georgia Municipal Association, most...

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  • Gregory G. Rials

    Director, Field Operations

    Greg Rials maintains nearly 30 years of public works experience specializing in collections and...

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  • Julius Scriven

    Director, Streets and Storm Water Management

    Julius Scriven, Sr. is charged with managing the broad area of streets and storm water divisions...

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  • Johnny Beasley, Jr

    Director, Fleet Maintenance

    Johnny Beasley has 30 years of light and heavy vehicle maintenance experience. With his extensive...

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  • J. Michael Fountain

    Director, Industrial Electrical Operations

    J. Michael Fountain possesses over 25 years’ experience within the Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation...

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  • Copie Burnett

    Director, Emergency Management

    Copie Burnett manages all Water, Fire, Smoke, Mold, and Biohazard Emergency departments within EOM...

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  • Scott Duke

    Director, Electrical Construction & Facilities Maintenance

    Scott Duke manages all aspects of EOM Operations electrical construction and facilities maintenance...

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  • Aaron Jordan

    Director, Concrete Services

    Aaron Jordan has established a construction trade career for the past 21 years. Within his career...

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  • Matthew Lorimer

    Director, Human Resources/ Legal Operations & Strategy

    Matthew Lorimer, Human Resources Director, has a breadth of knowledge through his work with a diverse...

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  • McKenna Clark

    AP/AR Associate

    McKenna Clark, has extensive customer service experience in the construction and finance industries....

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