Our team list

  • Melissa Hurd

    President and Chief Financial Officer

    Sharp, driven Senior Operations and Finance Executive with over 20 years of proven experience in finance and business operations.

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  • Stanley Hurd

    Chief Executive Officer

    Senior Executive at EOM with over 20 years of successful experience providing fiscal, strategic, and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations....

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  • Kristen Achtziger

    Chief Operating Officer

    Experienced COO within EOM's construction and public works divisions with a strong ability to identify areas of improvement within business operations.

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  • Charles Heino

    Director, Municipal Operations

    Charles Heino, MPA, has over 15 years of water treatment, wastewater treatment, and municipal infrastructure management with a Class I (GA) /Class A (SC) State...

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  • Liberto Chacon, P.E.

    Director of Engineering

    Liberto Chacon, PE, is a highly regarded Civil Engineer currently acting as the Director of Engineering for EOM’s Engineering division.

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  • Bree Thomas

    Director, Marketing & Business Development

    Bree Thomas possesses over 10 years extensive marketing experience in the aviation, consumer goods, and medical industries. From this experience, Mrs. Thomas...

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Working with EOM Operations is like walking into a dark room and the light comes on. The company has truly been like night and day in comparison to any other company I have worked for. From top to bottom, EOM Operations is like family.

Julius Scriven, Jr.
Director, Streets and Storm Water Management, EOM Operations

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