Enviroworx Operations Management Marks One Year of Service to City of Richmond Hill

Enviroworx Operations Management (EOM), a contractor for the City of Richmond Hill, recently marked one year of service handling all public works for the city, including street and vehicle maintenance, wastewater treatment, and collections and distribution. To date, the company has saved the City of Richmond Hill more than $300,000, all while expanding its scope of work.

“We have been very pleased with the level of professionalism and service EOM has brought to public works for the City of Richmond Hill,” said Mayor Harold Fowler. “While they are a private company, they are also part of our team and part of the community. They serve the 11,000 residents of Richmond Hill and are stalwart stewards of taxpayer money.”

EOM oversees a number of duties for Richmond Hill, including street maintenance, street sweeping, ditch repair, grass maintenance, sewer collections, maintenance for all city vehicles, and water distribution across 90 miles of pipeline. They handle public works across 11 square miles.

The company is also the public works contractor for the City of Springfield, handing compliance and logistics consulting, troubleshooting workflow issues and implementing cost saving measures.

“It is our goal to meet demand without creating extra costs and, hopefully, create savings for the City,” said Charlie Heino, public works director at EOM. “We do our best to strike the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency.”

According to City Council Member Russ Carpenter, outsourcing a public works contractor is more cost-effective for the city and, in turn, taxpayers.

“Without EOM’s skilled workforce, which includes a certified master mechanic, the City of Richmond Hill would need to further outsource certain maintenance tasks,” he said.

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