EOM Operations Swiftly Recovers Wastewater Main Break, Saving City Time and Money

Richmond Hill, GA – On Thursday May 12th, 2016 the City of Richmond Hill experienced an unexpected sewer force main failure on a line to the water reclamation facility. Upon notification of the breach on Elbow Swamp Road, the private public works company EOM Operations, of which is contracted by the City of Richmond Hill, responded to the scene within 30 minutes.

Examining the initial damage, EOM Operations swiftly diagnosed the core issue containing any wastewater that escaped, mitigating any spill potential, then reaching within their internal company resources to call in the concrete cutting specialists at HARDCORE Concrete to aid in the pipe fitting repair.

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The EOM Operations team worked tirelessly throughout the evening to recover the sewer force main and return the City to normal without causing a spill or sewer interruptions to its citizens. Due to the severity of the breach, all internal resources and local vendors were pulled from other non-pressing work to the scene.

City Manager, Chris Lovell, was on scene and stated;

“It’s because of the swift response time and depth of resources held by EOM Operations that we were able to prevent an otherwise catastrophic breach to the City’s livelihood. Our partnership with this private local company has yet again proven to be invaluable. It would have taken twice the time about 75% more cost to the City from other companies to do the work that EOM Operations completed in 10 hours.”

image3Of the EOM Operations team members on scene Charles Heino, EOM Operations Public Works Director, was very informative and provided greater information on the incident;

“We are fortunate to have great relationships with locally owned businesses and vendors that enabled us to complete our job efficiently without causing any hiccup to service we provide to the citizens. This situation is exactly why the City of Richmond Hill hired us, because we can gather our internal resources and resolve an unforeseen issue rapidly.”

EOM Operations is privately owned and operated Woman Owned Business Enterprise specializing in public works and facilities operations management with service ranging from the smallest private entities to entire municipalities. The company’s corporate office is located in Richmond Hill, GA. For further information please visit eomworx.com or call 912.450.0050. Media inquiries can be directed to bthomas@eomworx.com